Vietnam or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Neighboring countries are China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Vietnam has an estimated population of 90.5 million inhabitants as of 2011 making it the 13th most populous country in the world and the 8th in Asia.

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Vietnam is blessed with natural resources, like scenic coastlines, green mountains and bountiful rice fields. Right now, industrialization has started to commence in the country. Manufacturing and high-tech industries form a large and fast growing part of the economy. It is now the 3rd largest oil producer in the Southeast Asia and now one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Having played an important role in the world history, it is natural that one would be interested to know more about this country. More and more foreigners are visiting Vietnam to have a taste of its fantastic and breathtaking sceneries. Here are some of the tourist attractions in the country:
Nha Trang – this is regarded as the most popular seaside resort town and the scuba diving center of Vietnam. It has beautiful beaches with clean sand and ocean water.
Mekong Delta – This is considered as Vietnam’s “rice basket” because of its green rice fields. Other features of this place are the floating market, orchards, flower markets, bird sanctuaries and fish farms.
Mui Ne – This is a popular place for kite flying and wind surfing because of its strong sea breezes. The famous sand dunes can be seen here which provides a great panoramic view especially during sunset.
Phu Quoc – This is the largest island in Vietnam. It features pristine tropical forests, undamaged coral reefs, and magnificent beaches. This is also famous as the producer of the best fermented fish sauce in the world.

These are just a few of its beautiful attractions… The best thing to discover the others is to be there and visit the place. Wondering how to get there? We at Vietnam Visa Xpress can truly help by providing you Vietnam Tourist Visa or if your visiting there for business we can also provide you your Vietnam Business Visa.