Minor-Under 16 Years

Visit your Post Office or Clerk of Court to get your documents executed.1 Online Application Form DS-11with a 2D barcode.

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Present Proof of US Citizenship – US Original or certified Copy of Birth Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization from BCIS.

Present Proof of Identity-Previous US passport (mutilated, altered, or damaged passports are not acceptable as proof of identity).

Current, valid Driver’s license Government ID: city, state or federal Military ID: military and dependents

2 Passport Photos.

Copy of itinerary OR round trip airline tickets OR a Business letter addressed to the Passport Agency on an official letterhead stating the exact dates of travel and purpose of the trip.

Letter of authorization Sample.

Passport Service Form.

Processing Time Government Fee Our Fee Total
Same Day $142.00 $199.00 $341.00
24 Hours $142.00 $149.00 $291.00
3 Days $142.00 $129.00 $271.00
5 days $142.00 $99.00 $241.00


Shipping Service Delivered by Cost
Fedex First Overnight 8 AM Next Day $75.00
Fedex Priority 10:30 AM $26.00
Fedex Standard 3:00 PM $26.00
Fedex 2 Days 48 Hours $20.00
Fedex 3 Days 72 Hours $16.00
Own Prepaid Airbill $0.00
Will Pick Up $0.00
Shipping Account Provided $0.00