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Your valid Passport1 Application for Passport, Form DS-4085Copy of itinerary OR round trip airline tickets OR a Business letter to the Passport Agency on an official letterhead stating the exact dates of travel and purpose of the trip.

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Letter of authorization Sample.

Passport Service Form

Processing Time Government Fee Our Fee Total
Same Day $142.00 $199.00 $341.00
24 Hours $142.00 $149.00 $291.00
3 Days $142.00 $129.00 $271.00
5 Days $142.00 $99.00 $241.00


Shipping Service Delivered by Cost
Fedex First Overnight 8 AM Next Day $75.00
Fedex Priority 10:30 AM $29.00
Fedex Standard 3:00 PM $26.00
Fedex 2 Days 48 Hours $20.00
Fedex 3 Days 72 Hours $16.00
Own Prepaid Airbill $0.00
Will Pick Up $0.00
Shipping Account Provided $0.00