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China long holiday is set to entice travelers in China

China is set to have a long holiday schedule in the end part of September until first week of October this year. Everyone is enjoined to check out their calendars and be prepared to enjoy an extended time of relaxation by the end of this month. The country will be celebrating the Mid-autumn day on September 30 and National days from October 1-7. The China Tourism Academy released a report last Tuesday, Sept. 11 that the country is set to have a tourism boom in the coming long holidays. A 24% increase from last year is set to hit which is about $28.4 billion.

One of the great incentives for the upcoming holidays is the announcement made by the Ministry of Transport of PRC. It has declared no toll fee on toll ways throughout China during the long holidays. Toll fee is free to vehicles like small buses with 7 seats or less. This declaration could imply an increase in self-driving tours. A survey conducted among residents showed that they are willing to go on a trip beginning September 30 with a percentage of 87.9. This data is way much higher than last year’s result which was only 58.3%

There are about 115 legal holidays in China which includes 104 days of weekends and 11 days of festivals. Employees basically have five to fifteen days of paid leaves yearly. Students and teachers have summer and winter vacations. China’s summer vacation begins in July and ends in August 31st.  Winter vacation may fall either on January or February depending on the date of the Spring Festival. Knowing these days are important when setting trips for family and friends. Traveling should be planned carefully in order to maximize time and enjoyment. All work without play can make a man dull and so is the opposite. All play with no work does not benefit anyone at all. Available information can be obtained online. Great reviews and updated news are also within reach with a click of a mouse. It is best to be resourceful when making plans for travel especially with the long holiday ahead.

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