Most Embassies and Consulates require a business letter from the US employer as part of a business visa application.

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Travisa provides a simple, on-line, ‘fill-in-the-blank’ form to create visa support business cover letters for over 70 countries. If you wish to use this template, simply return to the visa instructions and fill in the business cover letter form. Be sure to print the produced letter on your company letterhead.

If you wish to type your own business letter, here are some guidelines to follow:

The letter must be TYPED and printed on COMPANY LETTERHEAD.

The letter must be addressed to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate. Street address is not necessary, as the letter will be hand delivered.

The first paragraph of the body of the letter should introduce the applicant and state the specific nature of business to be conducted.

The next paragraph should indicate the names of companies and persons to be contacted by the applicant in the destination country, along with the address of contact(s).

Guarantee of financial support for the applicant must be stated — i.e.; XYZ Company guarantees financial responsibility for Mr. Smith while in your country.

The letter must be signed by someone other than the applicant, with their name and title typed below. It does not necessarily have to be signed by an officer of the company.

One business letter per applicant is required for each embassy or consulate.