Chinese Visa Express is a reliable non-government passport and visa processing company. We work directly with the Chinese consulate as its registered agent thus we make sure that we hand carry your applications to them. Chinese Visa Express is here to assist you in the easiest and quickest ways possible. We handle the hassle to your passport and visa needs. Just contact us and we will attend to your cares in the shortest time possible.

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Visa applications made by mail is not accepted by the Embassy and Consulates of China in the United States. Passport will be returned to those who have made their applications through mail but no Visa will be issued. The most proper thing to do when applying a Chinese visa is to apply in person which means you need to stand in line to be able to submit your application. After the submission, you need to go back after few days to pick up you visa. Take note that the Chinese Embassy and Consulates are usually crowded and expect to be standing in long lines to wait for your turn.

Disclaimer: We are a Non-Government based service and not affiliated with China Embassy or the Chinese Government. Chinese Visa Express acts only as an agent on your behalf to receive and process your documents, pick and deliver your passport and visa.