As modern archeology gradually confirms ancient records of the coun try’s earliest times, it seems that, however fir back you go, China’s his­ tory is essentially the saga of its dynasties, a succession of warring rulers who ultimately differed only in the degree of their autocracy. Although this generalized view is inevitable in the brief account below, bear in mind that. While the concept of being Chinese has been around for over two thousand years, the closer you look, the less ” China ” seems to exist as an enti­ ty right from the start, and regionalism played an important part in the coun­ try’s history. And while concentrating on the great events, it’s also easy to for­ get that the lot of those ruled was often appalling. The emperors may have lived in splendor while their courts produced talented writers, poets and artisans, ‘Lit among the peasantry taxes, famine and early death were the norm. While lie Cultural Revolution, ingrained corruption, and clampdowns on political dissent in Beijing and Tibet may not be a good track record for the people’s Re public, it’s also true that only since its birth in 1949 – which seems like yes­ terday in China’s immense timescale – has even the possibility of a decent qual­ ity of life been imaginable for the ordinary citizen.

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Prehistory and the Three Dynasties

Chinese legends hold that the creator, Pan Ku, was born from the egg of Laos and press to fill the space between Yin, the earth, and Yang, the heav­ ens,. For eighteen thousand years Pan Ku chiseled the earth to its present ire with the aid of a dragon, a unicorn, a phoenix and a tortoise. When died, his body became the soil, rivers and rain, his eyes the sun and moon, bile his parasites transformed into human beings. A pantheon of semi-di­ vine rulers known as the Five Sovereigns followed, each reigning for a hundred years or more and inventing fire, the calendar, agriculture, silk-­breeding and marriage Later a famous triumvirate included Yao the Benevolent who abdicated in favor of Shu. Shu toiled in the sun until his skin turned black and then lie abdicated in favor of Yu the Great, tamer of floods and said to be the founder of China ‘s first dynasty, the Xiao. The Xia was reputed to have lasted 439 years until their last degenerate and corrupt king was overthrown by the Shang dynasty The Shang was in turn succeed­ ed by the Zhou, who ended this legendary era by virtue of leaving court histories behind them. Together, the Xia, Shang and Zhou are generally known as the Three Dynasties.

As f ar as archeology is concerned, homo erectus remains from Liaoning , Anhui , Beijing and Yunnan provinces indicate that China was already broadly occupied by human ancestors well before modern mankind began to emerge 200,0 00 years ago. Excavations of more recent Stone Age sites show that agricultural communities based around the fertile Yellow River and Yangzi basins, such as Banpo in Shanxi and Homudu in Zhejiang , were producing pottery and silk by 5000 BC. It was along the Yellow River , too, that solid evidence of bronze-working Three Dynasties first came to light, with the discovery of a series of large rammed-earth palaces at Erlitou near Luovang, now believed to have been the Xia capital in 2000 BC.