China Work Visa

China Work Visa

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Chinese Work Visa is the type of visa that are issued to persons who want to work in China as well as their family members who will accompany them. This type of visa is also issued for those who come to China for commercial or entertainment performance purposes granted that the employer and the foreign employee will meet the necessary requirements.

The employer must need to send to the employee a government issued Employment Permit and Visa Notification Letter together with a photocopy of the Visa Application. For the family members who will accompany the applicant can also apply for a work Visa as long as they submit a “proof of relationship” (e.g. certificate of marriage for a spouse and a birth certificate for a child).

This Visa is valid for thirty days only from the date of issue. Thus the employer must acquire a Temporary Residence Permit to extend the applicant’s stay to ninety (90) days until twelve (12) months.


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