China Tourist Visa for US Citizen

  1. • Actual passport, valid for at least 6 or more months plus the duration of stay, with two blank page for the Visa to be pasted on, the last 3 pages of your Passport are Amendment Pages and not considered by consulate.
  2. • Copy of the data page of your passport (Photo page).
  3. Completed 8 page Application: Go to E-Apply Here.
  4. . Print and Send your Confirmation of Online of Application
  5. • One passport photo Passport 2″x2″ style/type photo. NEW PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Must have clear and bright white background, no smiling or showing teeth or Embassy will reject the documents. Picture Requirements
  6. • Order form: Completed Our Order Form per person.
  7. • Additional documents required: Round Trip Airline Itinerary Or Invitation Letter by individuals in China and  the photocopy of their Chinese ID.
  8.  •  Copy of your Driver’s license ID. 
  9. • Payment: Make personal check, money order, cashier’s check payable to “Chinese Visa Express” Please See Fees .
  10. • Send your documents to:
  • Attention Tony
  • Chinese Visa Express
  • 10920 Meanderview Court
  • Manassas, VA, 20111


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Material Checklist (Tourist Visa)

checkmark ogOriginal Passport

checkmark ogCopy of passport(picture/info. page only)

checkmark ogChina Visa Application Form

checkmark og1-color Photo (2″x2″)

checkmark ogPayment

checkmark ogOur Order Form

checkmark ogRound-Trip Flight Itinerary OR Invitation from friend/family with national I.D. copy

checkmark ogCopy of your Driver’s License ID