China Tourist Visa for Former Chinese / U.S Citizen

  1. • Actual passport, valid for at least 6 or more months, with one blank page for the Visa to be pasted on, the last 3 pages of your Passport are Amendment Pages and not considered by consulate.
  2. • Copy of the data page of your passport (Photo page).
  3. Completed 8 page Application: Go to E-Apply Here.
    Print, SIGN and send your 8-page Application
  4. Print and Send your Confirmation of Online of Application
  5. • One passport photo  Passport 2″x2″ style/type photo. NEW PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Must have clear and bright white background, no smiling or showing teeth or Embassy will reject the documents. Picture Requirements
  6. • Important visa notes: If you were born in China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong or Macau and applying for China visa for the first time with New U.S. Passport, you must send your ORIGINAL old Chinese Passport or a copy of an old Chinese Visa inside your old U.S. Passport. You must also write your Chinese Name in Chinese Characters on page 1 of the application Form.
  7. • First time Chinese Children applicants born in the US applying with a new Passport without any old Chinese Visas inside, must send a copy of their Child’s Birth Certificate and copy of one parent’s passport and a copy of Green Card if Parent is not a US Citizen. Children born of either one or both Chinese Parent with renewed U.S passport must provide copy of old China Visa or old U.S passport with previous China Visa in it.
  8. • Additional documents required: Invitation Letter issued by companies, corporations, institutions and individuals in China. If the invitation letter is issued by an individual in China, the photocopy of the ID of the individual is required. Or, applicant should provide a photocopy of the round trip airline ticket and hotel reservation.
  9. • Order form: Completed Our Order Form  per person.
  10. •  Copy of your Driver’s license ID 
  11. • Pay by check methods: Make a check to “CHINESE VISA EXPRESS” which combines Embassy fee, our service fees/surcharge fees and Fed Ex fee together in one payment. See Fees . We accept Cashier’s check, Money order, Business check, Personal check).
  12. • Send your documents to: 
  • Chinese Visa Express
  • Attention: Tony
  • 10920 Meanderview Court
  • Manassas, VA, 20111

Material Checklist (Tourist Visa)

checkmark ogOriginal Passport

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checkmark ogCopy of passport(picture/info. page only)

checkmark ogChina Visa Application Form

checkmark og1-color Photo (2″x2″)

checkmark ogPayment

checkmark ogOur Order Form

checkmark ogRound-Trip Flight Itinerary OR Invitation from friend/family with I.D. copy

       checkmark og See notes on Chinese Children with U.S Passport

checkmark ogCopy of your Driver’s License ID

Pay by check methods: Make a check to “Chinese Visa Express” which combines Embassy fee, our service fees/surcharge fees and UPS fee together in one payment. See Fees . We accept Cashier’s check, Money order, Business check, Personal check)