China Student Visa for US Citizen or Chinese Study Visa (X)

  1. Your Passport: You must send your actual passport, which must have 6 months or more validity remaining and at least one blank visa page. First time applicants who previously held passports from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau must submit a photocopy of their previous passports. American born children of Chinese descent must provide copy of birth certificate and copy of parents’ passport and green card if applying for the first time. Non-US passport holders must provide copy of green card or valid US work visa (H or L visa only).
  2. Completed 8 page Application: Go to E-Apply Here.
    Print, SIGN and send your 8-page Application
  3. Print and Send your Confirmation of Online of Application
  4. Photograph: One passport style photo for each application.NEW PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Must have clear and bright white background, no smiling or showing teeth or Embassy will reject the documents. Picture Requirements
  5. Letter of Admission:A photocopy of your Letter of Admission from a Chinese school. You can keep the original for your record.
  6. Visa Application for Study in China: Known as the JW202 or JW101 Form. Please send the Original and a photocopy of the form.
  7. Physical Examination: The applicant who will study in china for more than six months shall also provide a physical examination certificate for foreign citizens. (Q2 Form)
  8. Business Visa instead: An alien who comes to China to study, short-term, advanced studies or intern practice for a period of no more than six months shall apply for a (F) business visa instead.
  9. Order form: Completed Our Order Form per person. If you cannot view the page, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  10. Copy of your Driver’s license ID 
  11. Our Address: Send your documents to:
  • Attention Tony
  • Chinese Visa Express
  • 10920 Meanderview Court
  • Manassas, VA, 20111

Material Checklist (Study Visa)

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  • Passport
  • Copy of passport(picture/info. page only)
  • China Visa Application Form and Confirmation with bar code.
  • 1-Photo (2”x2″)
  • Foreign Student Visa Form(Form JW-202)
  • Admission Letter
  • Embassy fee and Processing fees
  • Order Form
  • Copy of Driver’s License ID.

Pay by check methods: Make a check to “CHINESE VISA EXPRESS” which combines Embassy fee, our service fees/surcharge fees and UPS fee together in one payment. See Fees . We accept Cashier’s check, Money order, Business check, Personal check).