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Get your Passport done fast by completing our step by step easy instructions.

We povide Group discounts to 12 or more passports and Visas.


Chinese Visa Express.COM Passport offers a high level of professional capability in the timely and rapid processing of passports, according to your specific needs.

Applicants with an imminent departure date or who have other urgent or time-sensitive needs can receive our custom Same Day or Less Passport Service.

We guarantee your privacy in handling each document you entrust to our care.

We provide these services:

1) First time passport

2) Passport for Minor under the age of 16

3) Lost or stolen Passport

4) Passport Renewal

5) Adding extra pages to your passport

We are located in Washington DC , so you can rely on our rapid services.

Please contact us for details and we provide you forms and step by step instructions.