Chinese Business Visa for US Citizen

If you are visiting China to do business please meet requirements listed below.

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  1. Actual passport, valid for at least 6 or more months, with at least two blank page for the Visa to be pasted on; the last 3 pages of your Passport are Amendment Pages and not considered by consulate.
  2. Copy of the data page of your passport (Photo page).
  3. Completed 8 page Application: Go to E-Apply Here.
  4. Print, SIGN and send your 8-page Application
  5. Print and Send your Confirmation of Online of Application
  6. One passport photo  Passport 2″x2″ style/type photo. NEW PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Must have clear and bright white background, no smiling or showing teeth or Embassy will reject the documents. Picture Requirements
  7. An Invitation Letter from a Chinese company written on the Company’s Business Letterhead. (Sample of business visa invitation letter).
  8. PU Letter from FAO (Foreign Affair Office) in China.
  9.  Order form: Completed Our Order Form .
  10.  Copy of your Driver’s license ID 
  11. Pay by check method: Make a check to “CHINESE VISA EXPRESS” which combines Embassy fee, our service fees/surcharge fees and Shipping fee together in one payment. See Fees .
  12.   Send your documents to:

Attention Tony
Chinese Visa Express
10920 Meanderview Court
Manassas, VA, 20111

Material Checklist (Business Visa)

checkmark ogPassport (Original)

checkmark ogCopy of passport(picture/info. page only)

checkmark ogChina Visa Application Form and confirmation page with Bar Code.

checkmark og1-Photo (2”x2″)

checkmark ogBusiness Invitation Letter from China and PU Letter

checkmark ogPayment

checkmark ogOur Order Form

checkmark ogCopy of your Driver’s License ID

 We accept Cashier’s check, Money order, Business check, Personal check).