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China Visa Processing

As one of the major Internet powers in the world, China is willing to work with the United States to advance the development of information technology and fight cyber crime, said Qian Xiaoqian, vice-minister of the State Internet Information Office of China, during his speech at the 5th US-China Internet Industry Forum in Washington on Wednesday.

“China and the United States have common interests and responsibilities either in promoting Internet development or in defending cyberspace security,” said Qian.

“The Internet should become a bridge for the two countries to boost mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results, and also a positive factor to further the China-US relations.”

He suggested the two sides should respect each other and deepen mutual understanding, promote pragmatic cooperation and fight cyber crime and defend cyberspace security.

On important issues, such as the equitable utilization of global cyber resources, the formulation of cyberspace governance rules and the restriction on a cyberspace arm race, “the two countries should not only strengthen bilateral consultation, and also jointly play active roles within the framework of the United Nations mechanism”, Qian said.

The annual forum, which has been hosted by Microsoft Corp and the Internet Society of China since 2007, is recognized as an important platform for bilateral dialogue in the Internet field.

During the two-day event, which concluded on Thursday, the participants exchanged ideas on the social responsibilities of Internet service providers, development of social-networking sites, Internet governance and cyberspace security.

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