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China Interesting Facts | Chinese | Ancient | Geography | History

Best China Interesting Facts

Chinese Visa makes efforts to please our customers. Not only do we focus on the big things, but we take into
consideration the little things, such as providing our customers who will be traveling to China with a little bit of amazing facts about China to help our customers understand the unique and interesting Chinese Ancient Facts. It lets our customers land in China with a little piece of mind about the China culture and History of China. We took our time to make this page and provide some China Interesting Facts and just some facts about China in general. The China country information come from many different sources. Read on and enjoy the uniqueness of your future destination!

China Ancient, History, Religion, Culture, Economic Facts & More

Here are some facts that you may be interested in. Some Chinese geography facts are that China is a very diverse land
including deserts, mountains and fertile river basins. Much of western China is mountains with the Himalaya, Tian and Pamir ranges. Western China also has a large desert. Central China consists of mountainous regions. Rivers also play a major role in China, both for transportation and for irrigation. Much of the northern wheat fields and southern rice fields are irrigated from rivers. Chinese history facts / China Ancient Facts are that the early Chinese civilization written language is estimated to be close to 4000 years old. China was gathered into a country by Qin Shi Huang by conquering various kingdoms in
221 BC. The Roman Empire existed at this time. The last Emperor ruled until 1912. Chinese religion facts include: Chinese religious beliefs are wide-ranging and eclectic, deriving from several religious
traditions (Chinese folk religion, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism). But several religious concepts are characteristic of general Chinese religious thought. Chinese religion is generally dualistic, emphasizing the two opposed and complimentary principles of the universe: yin and yang.

Chinese Travel Tips and Etiquette

Chinese people are inherently shy and modest. They do not display emotion and feelings in public and find speaking bluntly unnerving. Most couples never even hold hands when walking in public. For the most part, Chinese people never hug or kiss in public. The most public display seen when saying hello or goodbye is generally a handshake. It is common to see two females, or even two males walking down the street hand in hand. Most visitors to China cannot understand it and assume they are a couple. In China only truly close friends hold hands, but two friends of the opposite sex cannot hold hands. Chinese people like people the world over love to laugh and Chinese people have excellent senses of humor, but sexual and political subjects are
strictly avoided. In many parts of China, people have never seen a Westerner outside of movies and television, so when traveling to more underdeveloped areas, chances are you will get stared at. It is nothing more than harmless curiosity. It is considered rude to take photos of people without
their consent. In some of the more touristy areas, the locals have gotten used to it, but it is still a good idea to get permission before taking a photo.

Gesture with your camera with a big smile on your face will usually get you the photo you want. If using a digital camera show them the photo you just took. This works well particularly with children who will find seeing themselves in the photo very exciting and many others will then pose for you to be able to see them in your camera.

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