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We take measures to ensure that the information you provide is recorded accurately and completely. We provide you with access to your personal information at all times for correcting or modifying that information where appropriate. In order to avoid delays, frustration and prevent our clients for missing their trip or flights we will make amendmentsRead more..

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NEW Picture Requirements for China Visa applicants

Passport 2″x2″ style/type photo. Must have clear and bright white background, no smiling or showing teeth or Embassy will reject the documents. See new Photo below:

China long holiday is set to entice travelers in China

China is set to have a long holiday schedule in the end part of September until first week of October this year. Everyone is enjoined to check out their calendars and be prepared to enjoy an extended time of relaxation by the end of this month. The country will be celebrating the Mid-autumn day onRead more..

China Interesting Facts | Chinese | Ancient | Geography | History

Best China Interesting Facts Chinese Visa makes efforts to please our customers. Not only do we focus on the big things, but we take into consideration the little things, such as providing our customers who will be traveling to China with a little bit of amazing facts about China to help our customers understandRead more..

China Visa Processing

As one of the major Internet powers in the world, China is willing to work with the United States to advance the development of information technology and fight cyber crime, said Qian Xiaoqian, vice-minister of the State Internet Information Office of China, during his speech at the 5th US-China Internet Industry Forum in Washington onRead more..