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Something To Know About China

About China China’s official name is “The People’s Republic of China” (PRC). It has the most population in the world (over 1.3 billion) and the world’s 2nd largest country in terms of land area. Its land area is about 9.6 million square kilometers. It has a total of over 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4Read more..

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China Interesting Facts | Chinese | Ancient | Geography | History

Best China Interesting Facts Chinese Visa makes efforts to please our customers. Not only do we focus on the big things, but we take into consideration the little things, such as providing our customers who will be traveling to China with a little bit of amazing facts about China to help our customers understandRead more..

China Travel Tips and Etiquette

Chinese people are inherently shy and modest. They do not display emotion and feelings in public and find speaking bluntly unnerving. Most couples never even hold hands when walking in public. For the most part, Chinese people never hug or kiss in public. The most public display seen when saying hello or goodbye is generallyRead more..