• Great Wall China - Visa Tourist

    China Tourist Visa (L or Q VISA)

    If you're planning to have a tour in China this is one important task you should do. Getting a China tourist visa will accomplish what you have planned. If your ready to get your visa for a reasonable rates and fees. You might tick the buttons below

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  • China Business Visa

    China Business Visa (M Visa)

    One of the world big populated Country in the whole world is China. Putting up your business in this particular place is one good strategy. Now if want to visit China for any business reason we can help you with that by providing you Business Visa so that you can accomplish what you want to do.

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  • China Student Visa

    Chinese Student Visa (X Visa)

    If you're not from China and would want to study in that place you need to fill up our form so that you can get Student Visa. X Visa is issued to a person who comes more than 6 months. F Visa is issued to a person who comes to China for a period of less than 6 months. Q2 (only for Student visa staying more than (6) six months)

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  • China Crew Visa

    Chinese Crew Visa (C Visa)

    Crew (C) visa is issued to crewmembers working on board of international trains, airliners or vessels to China.

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  • China Working Visa

    Chinese Work Visa (Z Visa)

    Work in China had a tremendous growth and most work you can get there especially if your good in communication and obtain many skills you can easily get a work for big companies. If your planning to get a work in China getting a Work Visa is important. Fill up our forms and we can process your applications as soon as possible. Q2(only for Work visa staying more than (6) six months)

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Fastest Chinese Visa Processing Services

Chinese Visa Express.com informs all international travelers who visit to China must carry two essential documents: passports from their home country and a Chinese visa that is stamped on the passport from a China visa office, such as Chinese Visa Express. At China Visa Express, we gladly assist our valued customers in getting Chinese visas quickly and easily at a low price. We process your application and will ship it back to you by UPS. Our specialization and our relationship with the China consulate have made us a top choice for people traveling to China. Our prompt service, reasonable prices, and convenience are among the best in the business and it shows. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, more and more people are choosing Chinese Visa Express for their travel document needs.

We have the best China Visa processing service with friendly service and the lowest price.

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